Danielle Allen

Scholar * Citizen * Columnist

In late 2016, scholar and democracy advocate, Danielle Allen, set up the domain America the Indivisible to gather together concerned citizens who wanted to renew their commitment to our constitutional democracy. This was an informal conversational network, and followed on the response to her December 2016 Washington Post column, "How to Defend America the Indivisible." Ultimately, participants found their way to a variety of forms of engagement--from participating in Indivisible Chapters to running for office to joining community service organizations.  For Danielle, the work on and for democracy has only deepened and extended in the years since, leading ultimately to her own run for Governor of Massachusetts (2020-2022).  She continues to work on behalf of Democracy Renovation for America the Indivisible in all her roles: scholar, citizen, and columnist. The links below take you to main sites for activity through each role. You can also use the Newsletter tab to sign up for the Democracy Renovation newsletter.

Democracy Renovation R & D 

For a blueprint on renovating our constitutional democracy, follow the work of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences Commission, Our Common Purpose. Or follow Danielle's democracy R&D work at Harvard and her Democracy Renovation Lab. Or check out the Books page on this site.

Democracy Advocacy

Follow the work of Partners In Democracy, an organization founded by Danielle to drive on-the-ground Democracy Renovation; the Democratic Knowledge Project, an org Danielle founded to rebuild civic learning infrastructure; and CivXNow, a coalition Danielle participates in to rebuild civic learning infrastructure.

Democracy Writing

Follow Danielle's columns at the Washington Post and in other publications by signing up for her newsletterOr check out the Books page on this site.